A Loan? A Transfer? A Cash Advance? What the Hack Is That?

There's so much widespread nonsense around about selling annuities, specifically structured settlements that's a lucrative field and fuels deception, misconceptions and unethical dirty tactics by dishonest factoring promoters making all kinds, claims, false and misleading allegations, apparently in an attempt to make a quick and easy dollar.

You'll see all the "get your cash for settlements now" promotions, but also many other false and distorted statements. Many buyers advertise as though they would be lenders and they mix loans, settlement cash out and cash advances all in one pot. I have seen websites enticing prospective sellers to spare the hassle of going in court and wait for the lump sum and just take a cash advance of a small amount of money compared to their lump sum value.

A cash advance is not a cash out and they should not be mixed together. Some reputable buyers will offer a cash advance to hand a certain amount of cash to the payee while arranging the necessary documentation and the court hearing. This is fine, but it is not instead of the process of selling the whole structured settlement and it is not meant to spare the hassle of the court hearing and the waiting time that is mandatory.

Those folks who attempt to persuade potential sellers to satisfy themselves with a few hundreds bucks and thereby sparing the trouble of court approval and the waiting period, they are wrong. What do they think? The cash advance is not enough at all. The sellers want a lot more and are eager to sell their payments, not just get a cash advance. It's hard to get into their heads. What do they think, really? What they're doing is either confusing innocent sellers or outright misleading (defrauding?) them.

What do you think guys? Has anybody experienced a case like this? Have you been approached or misled by a dishonest seller misrepresenting the facts? Curious.

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