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Structured settlement lump sum interviewsCash for structured settlements... Read interviews and expert advice on cashing out structured settlements, managing lump sum money, and much more...

Whether you are contemplating about generating cash from structured settlements payments by selling them, or claiming a lump sum at the beginning, or have already cashed out your settlement payments, you may well benefit from the information and tips shared in the interviews below.

  • Topics discussed in the interviews with experts and people experienced in their respective fields include:
  • How to get cash from structured settlements transfer agreements
  • How to manage large amounts of money gains from lottery wins, an inheritance, a successful business deal, on the stock market, in a personal injury settlement or lawsuit, and of course, cash from structured settlements payments
  • Stories from lottery winners and structured settlement annuitants who cashed in their future payments for lump sum cash in structured settlement buyout transactions 
  • And more....

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Note: if you are a financial expert, a lottery winner, a structured settlement recipient, attorney specializing in injury claims and structured settlements, or otherwise skilled or experienced in areas related and of value in one way or another to selling and getting cash from structured settlements future payments, and would like to be interviewed by us to share your expert advice, skills, experience and insider tips for the benefit of others and your own popularity gain and exposure, kindly let use know by submitting your request here.

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Interviews - cash for structured settlements, financial tips and more

Dr. Klontz interview - Structured Settlement cash
Lottery Winner Sandra Hayes on Managing a Lottery Cash Out Lump Sum

Emotional / psychological effects of wealth gain such as structured settlement cash - interview with financial psychology expert Dr. Brad Klontz

Lottery winner Sandra Hayes shares her experience and advice relevant also to winners who want to sell lottery payments for cash or get cash for structured settlements

IMPORTANT: The content and interviews are for information only and do not constitute actual advice or guidance on personal, financial, investing, legal, or other matters.

For any practical advice do not rely on the information herein but consult a professional.

Problematic Handling of Large Lump Sums As a Result of Bad Money Beliefs Leading to Negative Emotions and Behaviors

Interview With Financial Psychologist and Researcher Dr. Brad Klontz

Cash for structured settlements - interview with financial psychology expert Dr. Brad Klontz

Leading world-renowned financial psychologist, consultant and researcher Dr. Brad Klontz, co-author of Mind Over Money and a handful of other books on financial psychology, explains in an email-interview with the potential destructive "money disorders" giving rise to feelings such as guilt and shame, unhappiness and low self-esteem for people who are selling their future structured settlement payment streams for cash lump sums and gaining sudden access to large amounts of money; and what to do to stay financially healthy by addressing the underlying psychological "money scripts".

Read the full interview here: selling structured settlements for cash lump sums - and money disorders 

How To Manage a Lump Sum After Selling Lottery Payments for Cash and Not Lose Your Sanity

Interview With Lottery Powerball Jackpot Winner Sandra Hayes

Sandra Hayes, Powerball Jackpot Mega-Million Lottery Winner, Interview, Sell Lottery Payments and No Go Broke

8 years later... Lottery winner Sandra Hayes from the state of Missouri reflects on her winning the mega-million dollar lottery back in 2006, splitting the pot together with another 12 co-workers.

How do you manage the lottery lump sum? How do you deal with the personal, social and emotional burden of a sudden windfall?

For our purpose: how do you sell your lottery payments for a lump sum without going broke from mismanaging, overspending and blowing it up in a short time like so many lottery winners who are known to lose their money within 5 years of their winnings?

While Sandra can't offer advice for those selling lottery winnings since she herself had selected the lump sum vs annuity payments option right from the start, her advice on how to budget and manage the lottery lumpsum holds true as well for winners who did choose the payments option and then reconsider and want to cash out the lottery payments in exchange for a lump sum (as well as for those getting cash for structured settlements payments).

Drawing on her own experience, Sandra has solid advice to offer to fellow lottery winners, including how to budget wisely and not overspend.

In the very interesting interview that Sandra has given me, she reveals how she herself has done mistakes in the past lacking the knowledge of investing well and has learned much of her own experience.

Sandra, the author of a book about her lottery winning, has now written her second book entitled Through the Storm, My Life Before and After Winning the Lottery.

In that book, she says, she is disclosing more about her personal life. Among the topics discussed in her new book is: "learn to say no without feeling guilty and do not take a wooden nickle."

Have you won the lottery? Did you choose the periodic payments option and now want to sell your lottery payments - or part of them - for a cash amount? Read the interview. It's worth it. Learn how to manage the cash and not waste it away.

Read the full interview with lottery winner Sandra Hayes here

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