Sixth and Final Step: Cashing in my structured settlement payments - laughing all the way to the bank

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You have been thinking hard... searching around, asking for quotes, providing documents, signing, waiting for a court date, getting to the actual court hearing. And now...

How to sell structured settlement - get cash

Getting to Step 6, the final and most exciting part. Getting your big, fat check and laughing all your way to the bank.

6. pay day!

Finally, you have appeared before the court, and if you (and the buyer!) are lucky, the judge has authorized the transfer and ordered the structured settlement buyer to pay out the cash lump sum to you in exchange for buying out your structured settlement payments.

It should be only a matter of days now before you get your cash.

And you are done. This closes the six step process of how to sell your structured settlement payments.

The money is yours to keep and use as needed. Hopefully, your needs have been met. Keep it tight... it is very easy to spend out big money quickly. Make sure you manage it well and don't squander your newfound wealth.

You may want to read the interview here with Financial Psychology expert Dr. Brad Klontz about issues associated with receiving large sums of money at once and how to manage and handle them.

Remember, once your transfer is final, the structured settlement payments that you assigned to the buyer will no longer be yours. You will not receive the payments that you "sold" for a cash lump sum.

If you old only some of your payments, however, you will still continue receiving the payments that you have not sold.

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