How To Sell Structured Settlement Payments - Part 2

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"How to sell structured settlement payments" - part 1 deals with making the plan and decision to sell a structured settlement. Let's continue to part 2.

Part 2: how to sell structured settlement payments

2. Contact a structured settlement buying company for a quote

Once you have made a decision and are confident and positive with your conclusion to sell structured settlement payments, your next step is to look, shop and find a structured settlement buying company or funding company to buy out your payments. Ask for a free quote and price offer for selling your payments.

This should not be a lighthearted decision, either. Do your due diligence to ensure both that you are dealing with an honest and reputable buying company and you are offered a fair rate, ideally the best price you can get for your settlement payments.

If you suspect the funding company isn't fully honest with you, i.e. the customer service isn't what you would expect, the representative is inpatient or unfriendly, they are not returning your calls or answering your quote inquiry or email request quickly enough, or your price quote isn't attractive, then move on to the next company on your list.

It will be most helpful that you know the details of your structured settlement agreement, the type of structured settlement, whether from a personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, or lottery payments; the total amount of the settlement money, the amount of the individual future payments, the time structure when the payments are scheduled to be issued, and whether it is a life contingent structured settlement, period certain and so on.

You should have some idea in mind, how much money you need to get and whether you want to sell immediate payments or rather payouts that are due at a future time.

All this will affect the amount of payments you sell and the amount of money you get in the sale.

However, the company should be able to assist you in adjusting your plan and propose a variety of different plans tailored to your specific situation and needs and price quotes associated with the different proposals.

Tips on how to sell structured settlement payments to a buyout company. Ask yourself...

  • Is it a company that sounds experienced, knoledgable, honest and friendly to you?
  • are you given clear, given and detailed information, full disclosure and answers to all your questions?
  • are you given timely service? Are your phone calls answered, your emails returned, a price quote provided in a timely manner?
  • are you offered different and alternative plans on how to sell structured settlement payments or partial payments to get the amount of cash that meets your needs?
  • is the price quote fair, reasonable and competitive? 

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