How To Sell Structured Settlement Payments - Simple 6-Steps Process

The process how to sell structured settlement payments is a linear one and relatively simple. Follow these sequential steps to sell future payments.

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How to sell structured settlement payments - Part 1

1. plan and decide

Before you do any move, stop ahead and think. Remember, when you are selling future payments of a settlement that you have earned as a result of a personal injury, or money you won in a lottery, you are simply giving up your very valuable asset.

You are giving up a source of financial stability that you may never regain. And you are selling it for much less than its future value, because you are trading more money for cash now.

Selling your structured settlement should not be an impulse buy. Take the time to think it through thoroughly before making a final decision.

Tips on deciding how to sell structured settlement payments

Here are some tips on deciding whether and how to sell your structured settlement payments.

  • Carefully weight the benefit of getting cash now against the loss of receiving less, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars less than your settlement value.
  • Make sure there's valid reason to justify selling your payments and the needs of raising funds at the moment outweigh the advantage of keeping your steady future payments.
  • Consider possible implications and consequences of receiving a cash lump sum from selling your settlement payments (tax implications, eligibility to benefits, financial security at retirement, risk of reinvesting, taxes on gains of reinvested funds).
  • Research and ask around if there may be other ways to finance your current needs in a less costly way, such as getting a loan at low or no interest, before giving up your structured settlement at a very high price.
  • Consult an attorney, a financial adviser, or money management expert for advice about selling your structured settlement versus other possible options to obtain the money you need momentarily.
  • Determine that you will be able indeed to manage well your cash lumpsum after selling your settlement payments without ending up losing both your future payments and your cash payout.
  • Finally decide HOW to sell your structured settlement payments that to raise the amount that will satisfy your current needs without going over board to sell more of your payments and raise more cash than you really need now.

Coming next is: how to sell structured settlement payments - part two: asking for a free quote on cash for your structured settlement.

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