Life Settlement Providers - Who Are They?

When you are looking for life settlement providers to sell your senior life insurance plan, there are several important things to look for and watch out.

Providers may be life settlement companies or brokers. There are independent life insurance settlement brokers as well as those working for specific companies.

The providers who buy your life settlement may buy it for themselves to hold and reap the death benefits later on, or they may sell the policy further to others, as a stand alone policy or bundled with other products for investors.

What You Should Ask Life Settlement Providers

Remember that life settlement providers work for their own interests, but they should be fair and have your best interest in mind. It's your money and you should make sure you get a fair deal.

Here's what you should ask the life settlement provider when approached to sell your policy or when you consult them for advice or to agree on a senior life settlement.

  • Are you a company or a life settlement broker?
  • Are you working for yourself or for specific providers?
  • Are you licensed?
  • Will you shop prices and find the best deal for me?
  • Do you get a commission, how much? Who pays you?
  • Will you or the company keep my policy for the death benefit, or sell it to others? To whom exactly?
  • What price will I get for selling my life settlement, and how is that price calculated? Will there be additional fees?
  • What kind of personal information will I be required to reveal?
  • Who else will have access to my private information?
  • What is your privacy policy?
  • Are there any additional fees and charges?
  • Will I lose my eligibility to Medicaid or any other benefits?
  • What if I reconsider? Can I change my mind within a certain period of time and not sell my policy?

Always make sure that you understand precisely what is at stake. Request detailed information and explanations. Be sure to deal only with licensed and recognized life settlement providers. Do a background check and check out possible complaints against them.

Make sure to shop around prices or have a life settlement broker do it for you so that you get a fair deal. Prices may vary substantially, so look around and sell only when you are confident that you have a good deal and you want to sell your policy to the specific life settlement provider.

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