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Whether you want to sell your structured settlement payments or other annuity future payment rights, or you just want to learn more about the process, call or right us now and don't be shy to ask your questions

Want to learn more about how to sell structured settlement payment rights for a cash payout?

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Whatever the case, please feel free to contact us here and ask whatever question you may have about cashing out your annuity payments.

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Some Homework When Calling To Sell Structured Settlement Payment Or Annuity Plans

When you consult my service in order to sell structured settlement payments, or any salable annuity payments for that matter, it is useful that you are prepared to answer the following questions that are likely to come up early in our conversation:

  • What kind of annuity payment plan do you have, structured settlement, pension, immediate annuity, tax-deferred?
  • How is it arranged, what amounts in installments or periodic lump sums, spread out over how many years?
  • When did you start the annuity; how much time have passed since, and how many payments, if any, did you already receive?
  • Why do you plan to sell your settlement/annuity; why do you think it's in your interest, given that you'll give up your periodic payments to get a smaller sum now?

Being able to answer these questions will speed up the process. I'd also need to see the original contract with the annuity company.

I shall be able to offer you a quote and rough estimate, and once we take off, I'll have you sign some paperwork, and it will be reviewed by an attorney to prepare for a court hearing that is essential to complete the sale (the government doesn't allow to sell your structured settlement or annuity payments without the approval of a judge - that I'll help you with; no worries).

Hopefully, all goes well (in most cases it does), and shouldn't take long for you to embrace your cash. I'll surely speed it for you as much as it goes.

You'll have me to your help throughout, sure thing.

Call, we'll discuss further (or drop me a line).

See you soon, best,

Yours, Jack

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