Are You Preparing to Sell Structured Settlement Payments? Be Informed by Learning the Facts and Procedures

Need to sell structured settlement payments? The more you learn, the more you know what you do.

Below are articles that we have compiled for you to learn more and expend your knowledge to understand the process of selling your structured settlement payment rights for a current cash payout when being pressed for immediate financial funds.

Learn about the pros and cons of selling future payments in exchange for cash payouts, the steps involved, requirements, rates, types of settlement payment transfers, what to know about structured settlement buyers, state specific info and more about structured settlement sales.

Buyers of structured settlements: 5 important things about rights and liabilities

In the process of buying out future structured settlement payment proceeds from an annuitant, new liabilities are created to the annuity issuers and the buying company, while the payee is giving up for good his or her rights to receive any further payments that were transferred to the buying company. Learn more about the facts, rights and liabilities of selling and purchasing structured settlement payments rights.

Cash for structured settlement payment rights - who says what is in your 'best interest'?

A sale of structured settlement payments has to be in the "best interest" as a central requirement of Structured Settlement Protection Acts.

But who is the one to decide whether a settlement cash out is or isn't in your best interest?

Is it you, the seller? The answer is no. A judge, not you, will decide what is or isn't good for you when selling payment rights is at stake.

But remember: it is the government protection that grants your payments tax-free status as well, whether you are disabled or a very healthy and fully capable individual.

Read more about government protection and "best interest" here.

Structured settlement cash advance - Thanks, but not at the expense of price or service

Before you sell structured settlement payments, you will need to wait for a court hearing to approve your sale.

This will probably not be before 30 days after filing the petition in court at the very least. What is in the mean time?

What if you need your money fast? Buying companies may offer a cash advance, depending on the amount of the transferred payments and how much you are desperate for the cash now.

However, don't be tempted to sell to a company just because of this or that cash advance offer. Look for price, quality and service.

After all, the cash advance is only a small incentive and not the full amount of the structured settlement cash you expect for selling your payments. Learn more about structured settlement cash advances.

More about cash advances here.

The difference: factoring vs commutation

What's the difference between factoring or commuting future payments?

For the payee, it is just different terminology meaning the same thing: cash now for giving up future periodic payments.

For the annuity owner, it would make all the difference, since it is now in the role of the buyout company itself. The payments would stop and not be paid out to a new recipient.

Learn more about the difference between factoring and commuting in a structured settlement annuity cash payout.

Will you pay an "early withdrawal" fee if you sell structured settlement payments?

Contrary to what is common for deferred annuity investment products, there's no fee or surrender charge if you "withdraw early" from your personal injury structured settlement agreement.

Read here why cashing out periodic payouts from a car accident or similar claim is not the same as withdrawing early from an investment annuity plan that yields early surrender charges and penalty fees.

May structured settlement purchasers pressure you into a transfer deal to pay off a cash advance?

Knowing your rights when dealing with companies to sell structured settlement payments: you are not obligated to sell payments in exchange for a cash advance, and purchasers can't force you into a sale in order to repay money advanced on selling your payments.

Read about rights and agreements related to paying back money advanced on a pending structured settlement purchases.

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