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How To Get the Best Price for Selling a Structured Settlement

Question: are you getting the best price for selling a structured settlement, or you are leaving money on the table?

Solution: ask for a free quote, shop around and compare prices to get the most money for selling your personal injury structured payments.

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How to ask a free quote

Asking for a free quote is part of the process selling a structured settlement. It is a very important step and should not be overstepped or underestimated.

Submit your request for a free quote here.

A query for a free price quote can be submitted by email, online forms, or by phone.

However, in order to provide a quote, settlement buyout companies would need to get some important information from you relating to the settlement payments that you want to sell.

It is therefore important that you provide as much information as possible about your payments, so that the buying company can give you a more accurate price quote for selling a structured settlement.

Naturally, the funding company would need to follow up and get in touch with you to discuss the type of your settlement and more information about your structured payments.

Tips for selling a structured settlement for the most money

Obviously, you want to get the best price quote for selling your structured settlement, i.e. you want to get the best price possible, or the most money you can get in exchange for selling your payments to others.

Don't just settle for the first quote and don't limit yourself to one buying company. Do your diligence. Search around, survey a number of interested buyers, ask for quotes and compare prices.

This shop-around action may well be worth your time and pay for itself, as bidders may offer substantially different price quotes, and you may end up getting significantly more from one company over another. 

A free quote is not obligating and you owe nothing to a buying company just for asking for a price quote. With so many competing structured settlement buying companies bidding on your payments, you are the ultimate winner, as the timeless rule of business dynamics: price (how much you get paid) is increased by demand (amount of buyers).

What you should ask the buying company

When approaching a buying company to get a free quote, ask the following questions:

  • What is your discounting rate
  • Are there additional fees and charges
  • What is final amount of money that I will receive
  • How long is this price quote valid; does it expire? When?

Note: when a company is responding to you with a "discounting rate" (the rate at which the total price of the future payments that you want to sell are discounted to "present value," to how much they would be worth today), this may not always tell you much. The buyer may add additional fees on top of the discounting rate that he is offering you, and thus in fact increase the actual discounting rate.

What really counts is the "effective discounting rate," so ask for this. Show you are educated, which may prompt the company to be fully upfront in quoting a price for selling your payments. This may strengthen your position and increase bargaining power.

Still, what ultimately counts is the total final price, so you may do best asking your question also in plain English: "could I please get the final price quote, how much money I will get for selling my structured settlement payments to you, without anymore additional fees or charges?"

Don't forget: Honesty and Customer service are as important

Last but not least, asking a free quote, or even being offered the most comparative price for your payments, is not all that counts.

Of equal value to the money amount offered by a company may be the customer service and the credibility of the company. If a company is offering a good price quote but is unresponsive or gives bad customer service, then it may be worthwhile to switch to a buyer that offers about a comparative price or may be even a little less, but is customer-centric and responsive to your needs.

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